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Burning Life
Release: 1994-11-17

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Burning Life [ 1994 ]


Burning Life

Posted by Hailie Barton

Rating  :  6.0

Year  :   1994

Duration  :   1h 45m

Anna and Lisa, two young women, meet by chance in the vestibule of a bank, and decide after that to go on together leaving a successful trail of bank-robberies through Germany.

Cast : Anna Thalbach, Maria Schrader, Max Tidof, Jaecki Schwarz, Andreas Hoppe, Dani Levy, Peter Kern, Gojko Mitić, Ernst-Georg Schwill, Johanna Karl-Lory, Herbert Olschok, Stephan Baumecker, Uwe Dag Berlin, Guido Föhrweißer

Crew : Peter Welz

Genres : Crime, Drama

Production Companies : Parabel Film & Fernsehen & Script, Südwestfunk (SWF), Antaeus Film- und Fernsehproduktionsgesellschaft mbH, Ostdeutscher Rundfunk Brandenburg.

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