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In the Red
Release: 1999-10-13

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In The Red [ 1999 ]


In the Red

Posted by Layla Kemmer

Rating  :  9.0

Year  :   1999

Duration  :   1h 29m

Dymo, a respected man-about-town, is the charismatic gang leader. His headstrong, unpredictable lover, Carli, has a penchant for magnums and fur. This is a pair that believes if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space. Together they take on rival gang leader Jack Hand - and the local law enforcers, Blondine Dimaggio, a cop who has seen too much, and her partner Peter Dasha, whos police badge has an axe-like impact... in his own mind! It's the quick or the dead in a city where only the fast survive. The chosen form of transport is the new breed of turbo charged 2 litre all wheel drive technowiz rocket ships from the land of the rising sun. The gangs are taking over the ...

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