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Three Chumps Ahead
Release: 1934-07-14

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Three Chumps Ahead [ 1934 ]


Three Chumps Ahead

Posted by Hailie Barton

Rating  :  0.0

Year  :   1934

Duration  :   12h 19m

Thelma rushes into the apartment she shares with Patsy, excited because she's fallen in love with Archie, a rich man with yachts and a British accent. Patsy isn't impressed and less so when Archie comes calling. She does her best to sink the romance, making noise while the lovers talk and offering Limburger cheese sandwiches. In desperation, Archie calls his brother Benny, who's a sailor, and asks him to keep Patsy company. After a series of mishaps, they end up at a saloon where Patsy orders everything on the menu. Who's going to have to pay?

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