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The Rise of the Nutters
Release: 2007-07-01

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The Rise Of The Nutters [ 2007 ]


The Rise of the Nutters

Posted by Marco Block

Rating  :  8.3

Year  :   2007

Duration  :   1h 00m

With Hugh in Australia and Glenn in Wales, Ollie is left in charge, feeding policies to junior minister Ben Swain. He is one of the 'Nutters', the group keen to take power when the P.M. resigns and keen to make a name for himself - which he does in the wrong sense when Jeremy Paxman skewers him on 'Newsnight'. This is music to Tucker's ears as it is in his interest for the P.M. to remain in power for as long as he can. Ollie's new girlfriend Emma is working for Shadow Minister Peter Mannion and hopes to impress by stealing one of Ollie's idea for use on their immigration policy though things do not go fully to plan.

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